Troubleshooting the Biomanufacturing Process and Root Cause Analysis

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All biomanufacturing employees need to understand how to troubleshoot and conduct root cause analysis when a problem occurs. The challenge is how to get this experience. Companies can't simulate real problems so that employees can learn how to troubleshoot, and they also cannot afford to take equipment off-line for training.

WPI's Biomanufacturing Education & Training Center (BETC) offers a one-day training course that allows biomanufacturing employees to learn about and practice troubleshooting and root cause analysis in real time, within a full pilot-scale manufacturing setting.

  • Lecture (2 hours) - participants gain an overview of the biomanufacturing process, troubleshooting and root cause analysis. 
  • Hands-on (6 hours) - working in teams, participants solve multiple troubleshooting vignettes by applying the root cause analysis and troubleshooting techniques learned during the lecture.

Benefits of this hands-on training

  • Shorten the cycle time for deviation investigations, problem analysis and implementation of corrective actions
  • Reduce the frequency of deviations
  • Gain a better understanding of process failure points
  • Become more proficient at recognizing process excursions as they occur
  • Teambuilding opportunity when a company sends multiple participants  

Program Logistics

Who should attend

All functions within the biomanufacturing organization that participate in the deviation investigation process would benefit from this hands-on training. This program is suitable for the new employee up through the veteran in need of a refresher.

  • Manufacturing personnel
  • Manufacturing sciences and technical support personnel
  • Engineering and maintenance personnel
  • Quality assurance and quality control personnel


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