Student Resources

We are dedicated to assisting you with your WPI experience!

We offer resources that will help you learn about online graduate programs, get you prepared for starting classes, and highlight the services that are available to you as an online student.

The best way to access what you need is to choose from the below options.

Student Resources & Important Information

  • Add/drop/withdrawal policies
  • Student Expectations – Information on required educational background, homework, graduation, attendance, class cancellation, and the withdrawal policy.
  • Student Computer Accounts – How to set up your accounts and an explanation of each account.
  • Campus Resources – How to get your student ID to gain access to a variety of campus resources and student discounts, how to view and purchase textbooks, library access, GMAT/GRE assistance, and more.
  • Frequently Asked Questions - Includes the most common questions asked by our students such as transferring credits, auditing a course, checking your registration, GRE/GMAT requirements, how to find required textbooks, etc.
  • Complaint Procedures – Provides information about filing a complaint with WPI as well as state-by-state complaint filing procedures, with links to further information.