Online Graduate Certificate in Systems Engineering

A graduate certificate in systems engineering provides a strong foundation in the discipline, allowing you to develop a range of technical skills to better design and implement complex systems. WPI’s online graduate certificates is a part-time flexible program that can be tailored to your individual career goals.

Certificate in Systems Engineering

Please see the prerequisites necessary for this program to determine if you have the correct background and experience.

This certificate provides you with fundamental information in Systems Engineering while allowing you to focus on topics of specific industry sector interest. It is comprised of six courses (18 credits). The specific courses are determined in conjunction with an academic advisor. All courses are three credits each unless otherwise specified.

Required Course

  • SYS 501. Concepts of Systems Engineering 

Choose two or more from the following:

  • SYS 510. Systems Architecture and Design
  • SYS 511. Systems Integration, Verification and Validation
  • SYS 520. Systems Optimization **View sample content for this course
  • SYS 502. Business Practices for Systems Engineers
  • SYS 579D. Engineering Dependable and Secure Systems
  • SYS 540. Introduction to Systems Thinking
  • SYS 521. Model-based Systems Engineering
  • SYS 579R. Requirements Engineering
  • SYS 579S. System of Systems Engineering
  • MA 511. Applied Statistics for Engineers and Scientists 
  • MA 546. Design and Analysis of Experiments 
  • SD 550. System Dynamics Foundation: managing Complexity 
  • SD 562. Project Dynamics 
  • MIS 500. Innovating with Information Systems 
  • MIS 573. System Design and Development 
  • MIS 576. Project Management 
  • OBC 500. Group and Interpersonal Dynamics 
  • OIE 541. Operations Risk Management 
  • CS 509. Design of Software Systems 

The remainder of the academic credit must consist of graduate courses at the 500/600 level and may include up to three credits of directed research. Please work with your operations manager or advisor to determine which courses may best fit your plan of study.