Message from the Dean

Stephen P. Flavin, Dean

For more than a century, WPI has been a leader in breakthrough innovations that have positively impacted our world. The WPI approach - rooted in blending education with practical application - has resulted in inventions such as stainless steel, the first liquid-powered rocket, and the catalytic converter, to name a few. These game-changing technologies addressed the relevant challenges of their time. Today new challenges are at hand, and WPI stands ready to answer the call. WPI's imprint across various industries, including energy, medical device, and manufacturing, continues to propel business and society forward.

The rate of innovation in engineering, science, and technology is changing faster than ever before. How we explore and develop these innovations will continue to impact businesses and economies worldwide. Now more than ever, collaborative problem-solvers will be the difference between success and failure. And, as always, WPI is prepared to meet these challenges.

The fact remains, success today is all about transformation. For over 50 years, Corporate and Professional Education has been delivering performance-based education and training programs that drive operational excellence, quality, and efficiency - resulting in the transformation of both the individual and the organization - all the while aligning, managing, and measuring the training investments to maximize the impact.

We know that education and training is at the core of problem solving. Companies that seek to navigate today's dramatic business challenges without a strong focus on capability analysis, succession management, leadership development, and a culture that promotes change, are in essence rolling the dice as to their long-term survival.

Forward-thinking companies never lose sight of the opportunities to make the strategic investments that will position their organization for the type of success sustainable in any economic climate. We invite you to explore how a partnership with us can transform your organization through the power of a WPI education.

Best regards,

Stephen P. Flavin
Associate Provost and Dean,
Corporate and Professional Education
Vice President, Academic and Corporate Development