Corporate Programs

Corporate Programs

Lifelong learning is not just an option in today's economy-- it's a necessity for survival. Organizations who want to stay on the cutting edge of innovation must attract, cultivate, and invest in their employees.

WPI has been a leader in corporate education solutions for decades. We’re not only expert educators, but experts in business and industry.  Our faculty and staff have many years of combined experience in identifying, understanding, and solving business challenges through the development and delivery of customized corporate education programs.

The many clients who continue to partner with us year after year have learned that a WPI corporate education program can help them to:

  • structure a graduate degree that focuses on employee’s specific knowledge gaps
  • increase corporate knowledge across areas of strategic focus
  • align tuition spending with a cohesive strategy, for greater ROI
  • facilitate employee access to education through flexible delivery options
  • improve retention and recruitment by partnering with a top-ranked, accredited university
  • enhance peer networks and cross-functional collaboration through our cohort based learning model

Below is just a sampling of the areas of study we’ve delivered as customized programs for clients across a diverse spectrum of industries. Contact us today to discover how WPI can help develop a customized education solution for your organization.